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Midgley has many local enterprises. We hope to be able to provide information about any that wish to be listed here.

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If you have a product, service or other enterprise based in or around (or about) Midgley that you would like listed here, please get in touch with Iain Harrison, 01422 418600 .

Pennine Perspectives – The History of Midgley

The whole fascinating history of the village and its surroundings can be seen in 'Pennine Perspectives' published in 2007, a book written by members of the local history group.

It is available for sale in the village shop.

Christopher Goddard

Christopher has produced a number of books. Two of them in particular relate to Midgley: 'The West Yorkshire Woods: The Calder Valley', and 'The West Yorkshire Moors'.

For more information about these books and a link to his website, please see The West Yorkshire Woods and Moors.


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